Torrak, Kalaallit Nunaat

, 21. June 2009     0 comment(s)
Lotta Numminen
International Politics of Natural Resources and the Environment research programme

Today, June the 21st, is a historical day for Greenland. Not only is it Greenland’s National Day and the 30th anniversary of the Greenlandic Home Rule, but Greenland also becomes a self-governing region today, thus expanding the current Home Rule system that was implemented in 1979. In addition, Greenland will have a new, leftist government with Mr. Kuupik Kleist as the new prime minister.

The reality of the new governance arrangement is that the Greenlanders are now recognized as a nation under international law. They obtain authority of 33 new areas of governance and Greenland will, for example, gain partial control over its natural resources and take greater charge of its own justice and legal affairs. 

After having lived for several years in Greenland, I have followed the debate relating to the expansion of the Home Rule and possible future independence of Greenland closely. For the first time, with a belief that huge off-shore oil deposits may have great influence on the future economic opportunities for Greenland and with strong support for the IA (the left-wing political party), I am starting to believe that it is possible we may see an independent country called Greenland one day in the future. It will require huge readjustments - the reconsideration of Greenland’s EU membership for example - but today is nothing less than the beginning of a new political era for Greenland and a step forward on the path to full independence.

‘Inuiattut ullorsiornitsinni tamassi ajunnginniarisi’ – Have a good national day.

 (Photo: Near Sisimiut, Greenland. Stml, Flickr.)


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