Laugh, or you'll cry

Thursday, 15. April 2010     0 comment(s)
I've always been impressed by how much many Finns know about British politics. The Finnish media clearly covers the issue with knowledge and interest. But of course elections remain oddly parochial phenomenon the world over, with the strangest of stories mysteriously becoming central themes. The keener followers of British politics will know straight away how clean castle moats and duck houses have become reoccurring issues in this general election campaign (both were claimed by MPs in last year's huge expenses scandal that has left the British electorate even more cynical about their leaders than before).

Important matters will be decided on May 6, but sometimes with so much of the campaigning pre-scripted and focus-grouped to inanity, the most appropriate reaction is just to laugh at them all. Britain has a long history of satirical, political comedy and, for this election, the BBC Radio 4's Now Show has stepped up its game. Normally a very funny, satirical weekly look at the news, for the campaign it is morphing into the Vote Now Show and doing three episodes a week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Laugh and learn at the same time.

You can listen via the BBC's iPlayer or to the podcast version by subscribing to "Friday Night Comedy Podcast" via iTunes or similar.

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