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Friday, 1. November 2010     0 comment(s)
Andrew Jones
Research Assistant
International Politics of Natural Resources and the Environment research programme

China, US & climate in a wider context (Part I)

China and the US are key to reaching a global deal on climate change, yet the very fabric and origins of these two states makes bringing them into a collective agreement a tall order.

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Thursday, 1. May 2010     2 comment(s)
Charly Salonius-Pasternak
Senior Research Fellow - The Global Security research programme

Of black swans, wetlands, nuclear power and worst-case scenarios

The oil spill that has hit the U.S. coast and further threatens large swathes of the coast from Louisiana to Florida is a tragic accident, with extensive social, environmental and economic consequences. The event is a Black Swan and holds a precious lesson for Finland, as it makes decisions on nuclear power and finalizes demands that it will place on the potential nuclear power firms.

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