Teemu Tammikko

Senior Research Fellow - The European Union research programme

Mobile +358 50 316 79 96

Academic degree
PhD, University of Tampere, Dept. of Political Science and International Relations

Terrorism and other political violence, counter-terrorism and countering violent extremism in Europe, border security and Schengen Treaty. Spanish politics.

Ongoing research projects
Terrorism and political resilience, local and global dynamics of radical movements, foreign fighter phenomenon.

Selected publications
"Political Resilience to Terrorism in Europe: Introduction to the Special Issue" (together with Leena Malkki). Studies in Conflict & Terrorism. London, Routledge, Vol. 39:4, 281-291, 2016.

"Can Political Leaders Make a Difference? Norwegian versus Spanish Experiences in Responding to Terrorist Attacks". Studies in Conflict & Terrorism. London, Routledg, Vol. 39:4, 326-341, 2016.

"Towards Schengen "Light"". DIIS Policy Brief, March 2016.

"The Impact of Foreign Policy on Terrorism: Do Crisis Management Operations Increase the Likelihood of Terrorism in Finland?". Perspectives on European Security - STETE yearbook 2011. Helsinki, The Finnish Committee for European Security 2011.

"A Security Dilemma on the Boundary Line: an EU perspective to the Georgian-Russian confrontation after the 2008 war". Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, Vol. 11:3, 265-278, 2011.

"Terrorismin seuraukset ja Euroopan unionin terrorismin vastainen strategia”, in Leena Malkki and Kimmo Nuotio (Eds.): Vapauden, turvallisuuden ja oikeuden Eurooppa. Helsinki, Helsinki University Press 2010

Political Responses to Terrorism: Case study on the Madrid terrorist attack on March 11, 2004, and its aftermath. Tampere, Tampere University Press 2009. (http://acta.uta.fi/pdf/978-951-44-7872-7.pdf)

"Mitä jos Myyrmannin räjähdys olisi ollut terrori-isku? Kontrafaktuaalinen ajatusharjoitus terrori-iskun seurauksista Suomessa”, in Kari Laitinen (Ed.) Tuhat ja yksi uhkaa: Tulkintoja terrorismista. Police College of Finland Publications 66/2007

Terrorismin monet kasvot with Jukka Paastela, Leena Malkki, Elina Eloranta, Mikko Lahtinen and Jukka Renkama. Helsinki, WSOY 2007

Finnish, English and Spanish (working languages); Swedish and French (receptive skills)