Ryhor Nizhnikau

Senior Research Fellow - The EU's Eastern Neighbourhood and Russia Research Programme

Telephone +358 94327753

Academic degree

PhD, University of Tartu, 2017

MSc, Uppsala University, Department of Eurasian Studies, 2011


The EU’s Eastern neighbourhood, Russian policy in the post-soviet space, domestic and foreign policies of Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine

Selected publications

Forthcoming 2017, ‘Empowerment of Domestic Stakeholders: From Outcome-oriented to Process-oriented Europeanization in the ENP Countries’, in Sieglinde Gstöhl and Simon Schunz (eds) Theorizing the European Neighbourhood Policy (Routledge Studies in European Foreign Policy Series)

2016, ‘When Goliath Meets Goliath: How Russia and the EU Created the Vicious Circle of Instability in Moldova’, Global Affairs.

2016, ‘The Invisible Battlefield in the Belarusian Media Space: Fighting "Russkii Mir” from Within?’, in Mikhail Suslov and Mark Bassin (eds.) Eurasia 2.0: Russian Geopolitics in the Age of New Media (Lexington Press).

2016, ‘Ice Hockey World Championship in Belarus: Political Context’, in Andrey Makarychev and Aleksandra Yatsyk (eds.), Mega-Events in Post-Soviet Eurasia: Shifting Borderlines of Inclusion and Exclusion (Palgrave McMillan) (with Niko Alvari)

2015, ‘Promoting institutional change in the Eastern neighbourhood: cases of the environment protection and migration sectors in Ukraine’, Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, 15 (4), 495-517.

Belarusian, Russian and English (working languages), French, Swedish and Ukrainian (receptive skills)