Ville Sinkkonen

Research Fellow - the Global Security research programme
Telephone +358 9432 7783

Academic degree

Master of Social Sciences (Political Science), University of Turku, 2013


United States foreign policy, United States Middle East policy, norms, values and power in foreign policy, changing constellations of global power, trust in international politics

Recent Publications

2016. The US, the Arab Spring and the Future of American Power. In Mika Aaltola and Anna Kronlund (eds.) After Rebalance - Visions for the Future of US Foreign Policy and Global Role Beyond 2016. Helsinki: Finnish Institute of International Affairs, 119–137.

2015. A Comparative Appraisal of Normative Power: The European Union, the United States and the January 25th, 2011 Revolution in Egypt. Leiden: Brill Nijhoff.

2015. Utopias, Counterfactuals and External Affairs: (Re)Visioning Foreign Policy in a Small Country Context (co-authored with Henri Vogt). European Review of International Studies 2:2, 66–84.

2014. Utopia ulkopolitiikassa: sarja visioita Suomen asemasta maailmassa [Utopias and Foreign Policy: A Series of Visions on Finland’s Place in the World] (co-edited with Henri Vogt). Helsinki: Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.


Finnish, English (working languages)