Katri Pynnöniemi

Senior Research Fellow - The EU's Eastern Neighbourhood and Russia research programme

Telephone +358 9 432 7754

Academic degree
PhD in International Relations, University of Tampere, 2008

Russian modernization, i.e. modernization of defence industry, critical infrastructures and perceptions of changing security environment

Ongoing research projects
Understanding of the changing security environment in Russia and critical infrastructure policy
Selected publications
Russia and the Nordic region: challenges and prospects for cooperation between the EU and Russia, Nordika, La FRS, December 2013.

Kriittinen infrastruktuuri Venäjän turvallisuuspolitiikassa, Kosmopolis, 3/2013.

Strateginen suunnittelu Putinin Venäjällä, Idäntutkimus 3/2013.
Critical infrastructure protection and Russia's Hybrid Regime, yhteisartikkeli Katri Pynnöniemi & Irina Busygina, European Security, 2013.

The rearrangement of the post-Soviet space and the representations of Russia as an Eurasian bridge, in Sanna Turoma and Maxim Waldstein (eds.),EmpireDe/centered: New Spatial Histories of Russia and Soviet Union. London: Ashgate 2013.

A new matrix for Russia's shipbuilding industry? Civilian-military and public-privatepartnerships, Baltic Rim Economies, Expertarticle 1357, 31.10.2013.

Russia's new Arctic Strategy Identifies Vulnerabilities but Targets Modernization, Baltic Rim Economies, Expert Article1238, 28.3.2013

A book review, T. Gustafson: Wheel of Fortune: The Battle for Oil andPower in Russia, Cambridge, MA: The Bellnap Press of Harvard University, 2012. In Studies in Ethnicity andNationalism, Vol. 13, No.2, 2013.

Russia and Eurasian Economic Space: the Case of "Strategic Partnership 1520", EU-Russia Paper, University of Tartu, June 2012
Venäjän puolustusteollinen sektori ja sen kehityksen suuntaviivat vuoteen 2020, Muutosten Venäjä -raportti, Puolustusministeriö, kesäkuu 2012
Finnish, English, Russian (working languages)