Mika Aaltola

Programme Director - the Global Security research programme

Telephone +358 9432 7780

Academic degree
Doctor in Social Sciences, University of Tampere, Faculty of Political Science

US domestic and foreign affairs, great power relations, Finnish foreign and security policy, global governance 

Ongoing Projects 
Societal Resilience in the Age of Competitive Interdependency: Prospects and Challenges (MATINE) 

The Changing Global Role of the United States: Implications for Finland (VNK)

Recent Publications


The Challenge of Global Commons and Flows for U.S. Power – The Perils of Missing the Human Domain. With Juha Käpylä and Valtteri Vuorisalo. London: Ashgate, 2014

Understanding the Politics of Pandemic Scares. London: Routledge, 2011

The Emergence of Humanitarian World Politics. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009

Sowing the Seeds of Sacred: Political Religion of Contemporary World Order and American Era. Leiden: Brill, 2008


Aaltola, Mika (2016). Yhdysvaltalaiset turvallisuusskenaariot ja Suomen asema. In Blombergs, Fred (ed.). Suomen Turvallisuuspoliittisen ratkaisun lähtökohtia. Maanpuolustuskorkeakoulu. Julkaisusarja 1, 4.

Aaltola, Mika & Käpylä, Juha (2016). U.S. and Chinese Silk Road Initiatives: Towards a Geopolitics of Flows in Central Asia. In Rytövuori-Apunen, Helena (ed.): The Regional Security Puzzle Around Afghanistan: Bordering Practices in Central Asia and Beyond Barbara Budrich Publishers. 207-242.

Aaltola, Mika (2016). Suomi ja Inhorealismi.Kosmopolis, 46, 2:45-54.

Aaltola, Mika (2016). Possible Nordic-Baltic Security Developments and Responses in Face of the Russia Challenge: A perspective from Finland. In the Baltic Sea Region: Hard and Soft Security Reconsidered. Andzans, Maris and Bruge, Ilvija (eds.). Latvian Institute of International Affairs,10-25.

Aaltola, Mika (2015). Staging-Grounds of Resilience. In Contesting Security: Strategies and Logics. Balzacg, Thierry (ed). Routledge, 205-219.

Aaltola, Mika (2015). Flow Security in the Digital Age. In Global Flow Security: A new security agenda for the transatlantic community. Brattberg, Erik and Hamilton, Daniel (eds.). Washington DC: Center for Transatlantic Relations, 63-87.

Aaltola, Mika (2015) The Sagas of the Volcanic Ash: Narrating Europe's Slipping Position Through Airtravel Shocks. in The Politics of World Politics.Korvela, Paul-Erik, Palonen, Kari and Björk, Anna (eds.). Jyväskylä: Sophi, 56-71.

Positions of Trust
European International Studies Association (EISA), Member of the board

The Arctic Society of Finland, Member of the board

Finnish, English (working languages)