Mikael Wigell

Senior Research Fellow - The Global Security Research Programme

Telephone +358 9432 7786
Mobile +358 40 5831371

Academic degree
PhD, London School of Economics, 2011

Major power relations
Geostrategy and geoeconomics
BRICS cooperation
Latin American politics and economy
EU-Latin America relations
International aid and development co-operation
Conflict mediation

Ongoing research projects
Geoeconomics in International Relations (book project)
The Politics of Natural Resource Extraction in Latin America (Academy of Finland)

Selected publications

(2016) Antto Vihma and Mikael Wigell, ‘Unclear and Present Danger: Russia’s Geoeconomics and the Nord Stream II Pipeline’, Global Affairs.

(2016) Mikael Mattlin and Mikael Wigell, ‘Geoeconomics in the Context of Restive Regional Powers’, Asia Europe Journal 14(2): 125-134.

(2016) Mikael Wigell and Antto Vihma, ‘Geopolitics versus Geoeconomics: The Case of Russia’s Geostrategy and Its Effects on the EU’, International Affairs 92(3): 605-627.

(2015) Mikael Wigell, ’Seal the Deal or Lose Brazil: Implications of the EU-Mercosur Negotiations’, FIIA Briefing Paper 171/2015.

(2016) Antto Vihma and Mikael Wigell, ‘The Strategic Case Against Nord Stream II’, Baltic Rim Economies Review6/2016.

English, Finnish, Spanish, Swedish (working languages); French, German, Italian, Portuguese (receptive skills)