Global Security


The Global Security research programme seeks to understand the global trajectories of security that have significance for the European and Finnish security environments. The programme approaches global security challenges within the framework of broad security focusing on the following key areas:

  • The implications of the geopolitical shift from a transatlantic to a Pacific context
  • The emergence of new global powers, foremost China
  • The future of global governance structures, international institutions and normative frameworks
  • The contours of the emerging global order

While the transatlantic relationship between the United States and Europe continues to be of great importance in global governance and security, it is undergoing major changes. One of the most important changes in international affairs over the last years has been the rise of a group of large developing economies including Brazil, China and India whose growing regional and international influence warrants research as to its effects on global governance, security and development.

The global development and security agendas have become increasingly intertwined as many cross-border problems are related poverty and inequality. This highlights the importance of investigating the existing structures of global governance which will also have to accommodate the power of BRICS at the same time that the world faces unprecedented challenges such as the climate change.

The research programme examines the global governance of international security architecture, including its economic and political aspects, power politics and multinational security arrangements. While acknowledging the plurality of methods applied by the researchers, the programme pursues a policy-oriented research agenda.