Russia adopts a 20-25% emission reduction target…?

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Anna Korppoo
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It seems like in today's Russia-EU Summit Moscow may have adopted a 20-25% greenhouse gas emission reduction target by 2020 relative to 1990 for the Copenhagen climate negotiations.

During the EU-Russia press conference, President Medvedev himself did not quote the number. Instead, it was the President of the European Commission, Barroso, who mentioned the Russian new commitment. It also appeared in the press that such commitment had been adopted.

Thinking back to the muddle about the Russian commitment to the 80% reduction from 1990 level by 2050 during this summer’s G8 meeting (announced by Medvedev, later corrected by his Sherpa Dvorkovich down to a 50% reduction), Russia continues to cause confusion on the climate issue.  

A target of 20-25% limitation would be more in line with the EU 20% reduction commitment than the previous Russian pledge, 10-15% reduction 1990-2020, announced by Medvedev in June. However, the efforts would still be far from comparable: In practice a 20-25% reduction from the 1990 level by 2020 corresponds to the expected Russian business-as-usual emission trend. Thus, the pledge would be unlikely to lead to additional costs for Russia, and therefore, is easy to achieve.

However, the new commitment level would be likely to prevent the allocation of additional surplus emissions rights to Russia beyond 2012 i.e. ‘Copenhagen surplus’, which would undermine the environmental integrity of the pact if used by other countries to offset domestic emission reductions.

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