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Keskiviikkona, 26. lokakuuta 2011     0 kommentti(a)
Teemu Tammikko
Vanhempi tutkija - Euroopan unioni -tutkimusohjelma

ETA terrorists giving up, but will it last?

The Basque terrorist organisation ETA has recently announced a “definitive cessation of armed activities”. Due to the long and problematic history of failed ceasefires and negotiations with the central government, the big question is; will this one last?

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Perjantaina, 22. lokakuuta 2010     0 kommentti(a)
Photos DefenceImages.mod.uk/flickr/Creative Commons Photos DefenceImages.mod.uk/flickr/Creative Commons

Weapons or symbols? On conscript armies and nuclear weapons

The British defence budget cuts and the recent report on the Finnish conscription system tell us more about politics than about defence policy.

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