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Tiistaina, 21. elokuuta 2012     0 kommentti(a)

"Legitimate rape", Todd Akin & GOP VP Candidate Paul Ryan

Todd Akin, a member of the House of Representatives Science Committee, seeking to become a US Senator, thinks women can somehow prevent themselves from becoming pregnant if they were raped. Scarily it fits in the no-science & subjugate women approach favored by Republicans across the country.

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Maanantaina, 15. elokuuta 2011     0 kommentti(a)
Anaïs Marin
tutkija - EU:n itäinen naapurusto ja Venäjä -tutkimusohjelma

Belarus: the silenced revolution

The street protests that agitated Belarus in June-July failed to evolve into a massive popular uprising. Even if the “clapping revolution” fell apart, Lukashenka’s authoritarian regime won but one round in its fight for survival.

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