Kristi Raik

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Curriculum Vitae

- Doctor of Social Sciences, University of Turku, Finland (2004)
- Master of Social Sciences, University of Turku, Finland (1998)
- Spring term 2000: Exchange PhD student, University of Aberdeen (UK), Department of Politics and International Relations
- Autumn term 1996: Exchange student, University of Gothenburg (Sweden), Department of Political Science

Professional career
- February 2011- Researcher, Finnish Institute of International Affairs
- October 2006 – 2010: Council of the European Union, General Secretariat, Directorate General for External and Politico-Military Affairs, Unit of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Leave on personal grounds as of January 2011.
- January 2002-September 2006: Researcher, Finnish Institute of International Affairs
- April 2005-September 2006: participant in the European Foreign and Security Studies Program (
- September-November 2005: visiting researcher, Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels
- April-May 2005: visiting researcher, International Centre for Policy Studies, Kyiv
- 1999-2002: Researcher, University of Turku, Department of Political Science/ Graduate School on Cultural Interaction and Integration
- 1999-2006 (once per academic year) lecturer of the course The Role of the European Union in the Democratisation of Central and Eastern Europe (36 h), University of Turku
- September 2000 – December 2001: Visiting researcher, Institute of International and Social Studies at Tallinn Pedagogical University, Estonia
- September – December 1999: Visiting researcher, Finnish Institute of International Affairs
- April-June 1998: Internee, Tampere Peace Research Institute
- Summers of 1996 and 1997: Internee, Foreign Ministry of Estonia

Positions of trust
Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership (, Academic Advisory Council

Knowledge of languages
Estonian, Finnish, English (working languages)
French, Russian, Swedish, German (passive)