Marco Siddi

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Curriculum Vitae

Nykyinen tehtävä

Vanhempi tutkija, Euroopan unioni -tutkimusohjelma



Tutor and Lecturer for courses "The EU as a global actor” (B.A. Honours) and "The EU in International Affairs” (M.A.), University of Edinburgh, 2013-2014

Researcher and project manager at Centre for North South Economic Research (CRENoS), lecturer for courses "European integration” and "Topics in economics” University of Cagliari, 2014

Researcher and Marie Curie Fellow, Institute of World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, 2012

Tutor at the Jean Monnet Chair for Political Science and European Affairs, University of Cologne, 2011 and 2013

Researcher and Marie Curie Fellow, Trans European Policy Studies Association, Brussels, 2011

Intern, Action against Terrorism Unit, Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), 2010


Visiting positions

Visiting Researcher, DAAD fellow and co-manager of EU-28 Watch project, Institut für Europäische Politik, Berlin, January-July 2014

Guest lecturer at Theseus summer school on European Energy Policy, Berlin, June 2014


Akateemiset tutkinnot

PhD in Politics, Universities of Edinburgh and Cologne, 2014

M.A. in International Studies, University of Vienna and Vienna School of International Studies, 2010

B.A. in History and German, University of Oxford, 2008


Akateemiset tunnustukset

DAAD Fellowship, 2013-2014

Marie Curie Fellowship, 2010-2013

Master’s scholarship, Region of Sardinia, 2008-2010

Eubule Thelwall Prize in History, Jesus College, Oxford University, 2008