EFPO: The EU's Role in the Eastern Neighbourhood Addressing the Decline of Democracy


Ke 20.4.2011 klo 10:00-11:30
Finnish Institute of International Affairs
Kruunuvuorenkatu 4

While unanticipated events in the Arab world might open up avenues for democratic transition in the EU’s southern neighbourhood, democracy is stalling or declining in most of EU’s eastern neighbourhood. How should the EU engage its neighbours with increasing autocratic leanings? Should it support reforms and move forward with free trade and visa liberalisation even with countries where democracy is on the decline? Or should it apply tougher policies such as sanctions and withholding assistance?

The EU Foreign Policy Options (EFPO) is a FIIA seminar series bringing together experts and policy-makers to debate the options for EU in international affairs.


Mr Balázs Jarábik, Associate Fellow, FRIDE
Dr Giselle Bosse, Assistant Professor, Maastricht University

Chair: Dr Kristi Raik, Researcher, The Finnish Institute of International Affairs