The State of Democracy in the European Union

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Ke 21.10.2015 klo 9:00-11:00
Restaurant Palace, Konferenssisali
Eteläranta 10, 10th floor

The multiple European crises pose a challenge for the legitimacy of the EU’s political system. Grim economic and social outlooks, conflicts in the neighbourhood and the refugee crisis have led to acrimony between the EU member states, and increased dissatisfaction among European electorates. The debacle over the third rescue package for Greece in the summer exposed different perspectives to, as well as boundaries of, democratic decision-making in the EU. What is the state of democracy in the EU? Wherein lie the significant challenges? And how to advance the democratic legitimacy of the EU?

Ulrike Guérot, Director, European Democracy Lab, European School of Governance

Dr. Ulrike Guérot is director and founder of the European Democracy Lab at the European School of Governance in Berlin. She has worked for different research institutes (GMF, DGAP) and has helped building Think Tanks both in France and Germany, where she headed the Berlin office at the European Council on Foreign Relations. She has furthermore taught and researched on European integration at leading universities (Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, Humboldt University, INSEAD Singapur, John Hopkins University). Also in 2014, Ulrike Guérot was guest researcher for democratisation at the renowned WZB (Social Sciences Research Centre Berlin).

Timo Miettinen, Postdoctoral Researcher, Network for European Studies

Timo Miettinen is a postdoctoral researcher and philosopher at the Network for European Studies, Department of Political and Economic Studies. He is specialized in phenomenology and political philosophy but also holds an interest in European issues: EU politics, history, and questions of identity and culture. Miettinen has previously worked at the Department of Philosophy as well as in multidisciplinary environments such as the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies.


Teija Tiilikainen, Director, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs

Chair: Juha Jokela, Programme Director, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs

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