András Rácz

Vanhempi tutkija - EU:n itäinen naapurusto ja Venäjä -tutkimusohjelma
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Ph.D. in Modern History, Eotvos Lorand University of Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Budapest, 2008


Russia, Belarus policy, Ukraine and Moldova, Belarus, the Russian foreign and domestic policy, Russia's relations with Central Europe, the EU's Eastern Partnership

Recent Publications

"Russia´s Hybrid War in Ukraine: Breaking the Enemy's Ability to Resist", FIIA Report,  No. 43. (2015), p. 104.

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From A(ngela) to V(ladimir): High-level visits in Budapest”,CEID,January 2015,Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy, Budapest (together with Edit Inotai)

"Not Another Transnistria. How sustainable is Separatism in Eastern Ukraine?FIIA Analysis 2014/4, Helsinki, December 2014. The Finnish Institute of International Affairs (together with Arkady Moshes)

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"Russian WTO Accession and the Geneva Agreements. Implications for Russia and Georgia."Transatlantic Academy Paper Series. Washington, D.C., 2011.

Knowledge of languages

English, Hungarian (working languages), Russian, German