Mikael Wigell


Refereed Articles in International Journals:
(forthcoming 2018) Sören Scholvin and Mikael Wigell, 'Power Politics by Economic Means: Geo-Economics as an Analytical Approach and Foreign Policy Practice', Comparative Strategy.

(2017) Mikael Wigell, ‘Political Effects of Welfare Pluralism: Comparative Evidence from Argentina and Chile’, World Development 95: 27-42.

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(2008) Mikael Wigell, ‘Mapping ‘Hybrid Regimes’: Regime Types and Concepts in Comparative Politics’, Democratization 15(2): 230-250.

Book Chapters in International Edited Collections:
(2017) Mikael Wigell, ‘Geopolitics, Geoeconomics, and Russian Revisionism’, in Kurt Almqvist, Alexander Linklater and Andrew Mackenzie (eds.) The Return of Geopolitics. Engelsberg: Axel & Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation.

(2017) Mikael Wigell, ‘Rysslands geostrategi och dess konsekvenser i Norden’ [‘Russia’s Geostrategy and Its Consequences in the Nordics’], in Kurt Almqvist (ed.) Sverige och Finland. Engelsberg: Axel & Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation.

(2010) Mikael Wigell, Curtailing Clientelism or Restricting Participation?: Anti-Poverty Policymaking in Chile’, in Georgina M. Gomez et al. (eds.) Participation for What: Social Change or Social Control?, pp. 45 - 76. The Hague: International Institute of Social Studies/HIVOS/Oxfam-Novib.
Research Monographs and Edited Collections:
(forthcoming 2018) Mikael Wigell, Sören Scholvin and Mika Aaltola, 'Geo-Economics and Power Politics in the 21st Century: The Revival of Economic Statecraft', London: Routledge. 

(2016) Mikael Mattlin and Mikael Wigell (eds.) ‘Geoeconomics in the Context of Restive Regional Powers’, special issue of Asia Europe Journal 14(2). 112pp.

(2010) Mikael Wigell, Governing the Poor: Social Governance in Argentina and Chile. London: Department of International Development, London School of Economics and Political Science. 365pp.
Other publications:

Research Reports and Policy Papers: 
(2017) Mikael Wigell, 'Endgame in Venezuela: Dictatorship or Re-Democratization?', FIIA Briefing Paper 224/2017.

(2015) Mikael Wigell, ’Seal the Deal or Lose Brazil: Implications of the EU-Mercosur Negotiations’, FIIA Briefing Paper 171/2015.

(2014) Karl Lallerstedt and Mikael Wigell, ’Illicit Trade Flows: How to Deal with the Neglected Economic and Security Threat’, FIIA Briefing Paper 151/2014.

(2013) Mikael Wigell and Mauricio Romero, ’Transatlantic Drug Trade: Europe, Latin America and the Need to Strengthen Anti-Narcotics Cooperation’, FIIA Briefing Paper 132/2013.

(2012) Mikael Wigell, ‘The Multi-Track Model of Peace Mediation’, in T. Piiparinen and V. Brummer (eds.) Peace Mediation in the Globalised WorldFIIA Report 31, pp. 16 - 22. Helsinki: The Finnish Institute of International Affairs.

(2012) Mikael Wigell, Kirsi Joenpolvi and Meeri-Maria Jaarva, ‘Matching Up with Demands: New Trends in the Field and Finnish Strategy’, in T. Piiparinen and V. Brummer (eds.) Peace Mediation in the Globalised World, FIIA Report 31, pp. 100 – 107. Helsinki: The Finnish Institute of International Affairs.

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(2011) Mikael Wigell, ‘Assertive Brazil: An Emerging Power and Its Implications’,FIIA Briefing Paper 82/2011.

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(2011) Mikael Wigell, ‘Dilma Rousseffin kova testi’ [‘Dilma Rousseff’s hard test’], Ulkopolitiikka/Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs 1/2011, pp. 46-49.

(2009) Mikael Wigell, ‘Till Europas försvar’ [‘In defence of Europe’], Finsk Tidskrift, No. 5, pp. 229-240.

Newspaper articles and commentary:
2016) Mikael Wigell, 'Valtapolitiikkaa talouden keinoin' ['Power Politics by Economic Means'], Ulkopolitiikka/Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs 4/2016.

(2016) Antto Vihma and Mikael Wigell, ‘The Strategic Case Against Nord Stream II’, Baltic Rim Economies Review6/2016.

(2015) Mikael Wigell, ‘The Geostrategic Importance of the EU-Mercosur Negotiations’, Borderlex.

(2013) Mikael Wigell, ’Keskiluokka kitisee Argenzuelassa’ [’The Middle Class Creaks in Argenzuela’], Ulkopolitiikka/Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs 1/2013 [also published in Maailma.net, http://maailma.net/artikkelit/keskiluokka_kitisee_argenzuelassa].

(2012) Mikael Mattlin, Charly Salonius-Pasternak, Mikael Wigell and Antto Vihma, ‘Löydä sisäinen viikinkisi’ [’Find Your Inner Viking’], Talouselämä 42/2012. 

(2012) Mikael Mattlin, Jyrki Kallio, Charly Salonius-Pasternak, Mikael Wigell and Antto Vihma, ’Haussa ulkopoliittinen identiteetti: Luoko Suomi itse oman linjansa vai syntyykö linja muiden tahdosta?’ [’In Search of a Foreign Policy Identity’], FIIA Comment 12/2012.   

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(2011) Mikael Wigell, Populismin oravanpyörä uhkaa taloutta’[‘Populism’s Vicious Circle Threatens the Economy’], Ulkopolitiikka/Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs 2/2011.   

(2011) Mikael Wigell, ‘EU:n kannattaisi tukea Kuuban muutosta’ [‘The EU Should Support Change on Cuba’], Helsingin Sanomat, 27 April.   

(2011) Mikael Wigell, ‘Protecting the Real Economy: The Case for Capital Controls’, FIIA Comment 3/2011.   

(2008) Mikael Wigell, ‘Globalismens kollaps’ [‘The Collapse of Globalism’], Internationella Studier, 4/2008.   

(2007) Mikael Wigell, ‘Fascism igår och idag’ [‘Fascism Today and Yesterday’],Ny Tid, 16 August.

(2010) Mikael Wigell, Governing the Poor: The Transformation of Social Governance in Argentina and Chile (PhD Dissertation, monograph, London School of Economics) 

(2002) Mikael Wigell, Liberaldemokratisk utveckling i Latinamerika: en jämförande studie av elva länder [Liberal Democratic Development in Latin America: A Comparative Study of Eleven Countries] (Licentiate Dissertation, monograph, Åbo Akademi University).

(2001) Mikael Wigell, Demokratisk utveckling i Latinamerika – mot liberaldemokrati? En jämförande studie av elva demokratier i Latinamerika [Democratic Development in Latin America – Towards Liberal Democracy? A Comparative Study of Eleven Democracies in Latin America] (Master’s thesis, monograph, Åbo Akademi University).

In Preparation:.
Mikael Wigell and Akseli Koskela, ‘Managing the Resource Curse: The Case of Chile’, article to be submitted to international journal.