Yhdysvaltojen politiikan ja vallan tutkimuskeskus

Research series on the US Politics and Power

The Center on US Politics and Power at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs is organizing a research series on the characteristics of the US role in global politics.

The events are organized in order to encourage cooperation and networking among researchers and experts working on US-related topics. The Center also warmly welcomes students who are interested in US politics or transatlantic relations to participate in our seminars. The seminars provide a platform for discussing current US affairs, in addition to presentations by invited guest speakers. They also give an opportunity for student presentations and discussions of their research.

Upcoming seminars

17 May 2017: Nonresident Senior Fellow (Atlantic Council) Robert Nurick: Issues and Prospects for Russian-American Relations under Trump, Wednesday May 17, 2017, at 14:00-16:00 at FIIA (Kruunuvuorenkatu 4, Helsinki)

Past seminars

6 April 2017: CUSPP Junior Research Workshop on Thursday, April 6, 2017 from 14.00 to 16.00 at FIIA (Kruunuvuorenkatu 4, Helsinki).

The Workshop provided students working on their Master’s Thesis or in the early stages of their Doctoral Dissertation the opportunity to receive feedback on their work from researchers at FIIA in an informal, relaxed and intellectually stimulating setting

16 March 2017: PhD. Student Teemu Mäkinen, University of Tampere: Debating Transatlantic Security in United States Congress: Case study of transatlantic security debates in Senate Armed Services Committee and Senate Foreign Relations Committee, at 14-16, at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs

26 January 2017: Research Fellow Ville Sinkkonen & Doctoral Candidate Jakob Haerting: Cyberspace, institutions and the future of American Power, at 14-16 at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs

1 December 2016: Ph.D Candidate Oscar Winberg, Åbo Akademi University: "U.S. Conservatism and the battle over the Media", at 14-16 at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs

27 October 2016: Prof. Peter Miller, Fulbright Scholar, University of Tampere: "The Changing Policy Preferences of the American Parties", at 14-16 at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs

22 September 2016: Senior Visiting Fellow Leo Michel (FIIA): "Sustainability of the U.S. - allience relations",  at 14-16 at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs.

8 April 2016: Dos. Markku Ruotsila (University of Helsinki): "Globalizing the U.S. Christian Right: From the Cold War to the Present", at 14-16 at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs.

16 March 2016: Professor Earl Fry (Brigham Young University): "Major U.S. Foreign and Domestic Policy Challenges and Opportunities in 2016 and Beyond".

11 February 2016: Fulbright Fellow Carrie Weintraub (the Finnish Institute of International Affairs): "U.S. Elections 2016 and Foreign Policy".




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The aim of the FIIA Center on US Politics and Power is to provide research and expertise on the US global role and its foreign and domestic policy. The Center works in conjunction with the Global Security Programme at the FIIA.

Please follow our website for updates on future seminars. For further information about the seminars please do not hesitate to contact:

Senior Research Fellow Anna Kronlund, tel. +358 9 432 7742, anna.kronlund@fiia.fi.