Working Papers

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Working Paper Huhtikuu 2015 The role of the Baltic region for the United States: An analysis of U.S. presidential rhetoric from the Reagan years to today
Jan Hanska
Working Paper Huhtikuu 2015 On Arctic Exceptionalism: Critical reflections in the light of the Arctic Sunrise case and the crisis in Ukraine
Juha Käpylä & Harri Mikkola
Working Paper Helmikuu 2015 Turkey under the AKP: A critical evaluation from the perspective of Turkey's EU negotiations
Toni Alaranta
Working Paper Helmikuu 2015 The US Congress and decision-making on war: Debates on war powers in the separation of powers system
Anna Kronlund
Working Paper Lokakuu 2014 How to Reform the UN Climate Negotiations? Perspectives from the past, present and neighbour negotiations
Antto Vihma
Working Paper Toukokuu 2014 Linking Domestic and European Politics: Finnish MEPs and the Votes that Shaped the 7th European Parliament
Tuomas Iso-Markku
Working Paper Helmikuu 2014 Drama Power on the Rise? US soft power may increase as a function of Washington dysfunction
Mika Aaltola
Working Paper Tammikuu 2014 The Failure of the Security Paradigm in Syria: The human security perspective
Ari Kerkkänen
Working Paper Helmikuu 2013 Political change in Myanmar: Filtering the murky waters of "disciplined democracy"
Bart Gaens
Working Paper Tammikuu 2013 Building bridges or digging trenches? Civil society engagement after the Arab Spring
Timo Behr & Aaretti Siitonen
Sivu Seuraava