Briefing Papers

Briefing Paper 218 (2017)   Briefing Paper 217 (2017)

The EU-Japan partnership:
Stepping stone for a stronger presence in Asia?

Bart Gaens


A More Powerful European Council:
Old and new trends

Juha Jokela

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Briefing Paper Joulukuu 2016 Three Years after Euromaidan: Is Ukraine Still on the Reform Track?
Ryhor Nizhnikau & Arkady Moshes
Briefing Paper Marraskuu 2016 The Future of US-Europe Relations: Institutional constraints and public opinion may render changes smaller than expected
Charly Salonius-Pasternak
Briefing Paper Marraskuu 2016 The Role of the European Parliament: Between external and internal challenges
Tuomas Iso-Markku
Briefing Paper Marraskuu 2016 Russia's 2016 Duma Elections: Ambiguous triumph and new challenges for the regime
Kirill Rogov
Briefing Paper Lokakuu 2016 Election Hacking in Democracies: The example of the U.S. 2016 elections
Mika Aaltola & Mariita Mattiisen
Briefing Paper Lokakuu 2016 Brexit's Impact on the EU Institutions: Immediate implications and possibilities for reform
Teija Tiilikainen
Briefing Paper Lokakuu 2016 Afghanistan’s Uncertain Future: Fragmented realities and geopolitical fault lines
Olli Ruohomäki
Briefing Paper Syyskuu 2016 The EU-Turkey Stalemate: Detecting the Root Causes of the Dysfunctional Relationship
Toni Alaranta
Briefing Paper Elokuu 2016 Cyber Attacks Go Beyond Espionage: The Strategic Logic of State-sponsored Cyber Operations in the Nordic-Baltic Region
Mika Aaltola
Briefing Paper Elokuu 2016 China’s Advance in Latin America: Geostrategic Implications for Europe, the US, and the Region Itself
Mikael Wigell
Sivu Seuraava