The Commission Presidency - a poisoned chalice?

Fredag, 3. April 2009     0 kommentti(a)
The current European Commission is in its lame-duck period as its term comes to an end. Many of the current commissioners are considering returning to national politics or standing for the European elections as a way of gaining a democratic mandate to build their European political careers. But this is not the only reason for this lame-duck commission - the other is the financial crisis and the various attempts to deal with it. A friend recently attended an off-the-record briefing from a senior EU official, who said the commission is simply fire fighting at the moment, trying to tamp down one financial bush fire after another across the union. The same official said the expectation is that the EU will face at least three serious crises this year. One of these scenarios was not sketched out, but as to the others the commission fears that one Eurozone state and one EU member state not in the Euro will default on their debts this year. The nightmare scenario is said to be that up to ten member states might end up in this position.

There is support from many of the member states for José Manuel Barroso to get a second term leading the Commission (although there are some who disagree). One has to ask, if significant numbers of EU member states are really in danger of financial meltdown this year, whether by the end of the summer he will still want the job?

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