The EU-Russia Summit in Khabarovsk, May 21-22, 2009 (as seen on Twitter)

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Vadim Kononenko
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May 20, 2009

Tweeter 1: “is off to Russia to discuss the global crisis, transparency, mutual trust, interdependence, and predictability”.

Tweeter 2: “wondering how to make the Russians stop thinking that our neighbourhood policies are not against them”.

Tweeter 3: “is thinking that having summits twice a year is too much”

Tweeter 4: “is looking forward to having a nice boat cruise with the guests from Brussels.”

May 21, 2009

Tweeter 1:“Where are we? Does anyone have a map?”

Tweeter 2: “I have some roadmaps for our common spaces with Russia”

Tweeter 3: “Don’t be tweetards, these will not help. Doesn’t seem we are in the common space yet. Are we going to China?”

Tweeter 4: “is happy the guests are enjoying the cruise.”

Tweeter 2: “is thinking about Russia’s suggestion to pay Ukraine’s debt for the Russian gas out of EU’s taxpayers’ pockets. Hmmm”

Tweeter 3: “Is confused. We wanted Russia to ratify the Energy Charter but now they want to us to sign another Energy Charter which they prepared. Maybe if we apply for membership in Russia-Belarus Union, Russia will ask for EU membership?”

My 22, 2009

Tweeter 1:“got a free map and a pilot’s chart! Yay! Now ready to go home”

Tweeter 2: “I should have taken a sick leave.”

Tweeter 3: Is online but has their twitter status switched off.

Tweeter 4: “is pleased with the outcome and is thinking where else to take the Europeans for the next summit”.

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27.5.2009, Anastasia

Very funny. Is that all that your sence of humor allows? Very banal and drippy. Have you ever been in Far East? I guess no...So to write about the place you've never visited is the highest point of unskillfulness....

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