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Hiramy Prieto

If you do not find anything good on TV, throw a glimpse at the Latin America section of a newspaper. It is like a series of action movies.

The story of the first movie begins in May 2009 when the Guatemalan attorney Rodrigo Rosenberg made a film predicting his own death. It was distributed in all the mass media and published on YouTube. He accused directly the president Alvaro Colom and his acquaintances as the masterminds behind his murder. The case continues to be under investigation, but for the Guatemalan population the political system has lost totally the little credibility that still existed.

In Honduras, things are equally twisted. In June, a coup removed the president from his bed, in pajamas and almost asleep at 5 a.m. and sent him away to Costa Rica. Manuel Zelaya was exiled the same day he was going to attempt to change the constitution in a referendum. The referendum would have led to the creation of a constitutional assembly to modify the country’s constitution to allow the president to run for re-election. Zelaya vowed to carry on even after the country’s Supreme Court and congress had found the plan illegal. It is well known that Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela and a Zelaya ally, was behind the events, a fact which annoys the people in Honduras. Ironically, the same Hugo Chavez was the first to call to the United States for help [to intervene in favor of Zelaya], something that was not in his plans or even in his worst nightmares.

Coup or no coup? Roberto Micheletti, who was named by the congress to replace President Manuel Zelaya after his ouster, has fought a largely losing battle to win international support for his new government, defending it and declaring that the ouster of Manuel Zelaya was not a "military" coup, “it was the lawful exercise of judicial authority executed under warrant by the Honduran military”. If there was a legal basis it raises the question of why the right had to be exercised so urgently in the early hours, and why the president was removed by gunpoint and without due process. No foreign governments have recognized Micheletti as President of Honduras.

Micheletti claimed openly in a radio interview that Zelaya is permitting the traffic of airplanes loaded with drugs coming from Venezuela to USA.

Zelaya insists that he remains the democratically-elected leader of Honduras. He has attempted to return home on 5th July but on that occasion, his plane was prevented from landing by the Honduran military which blocked the runway. He made a second attempt last Friday, despite the advice of Hillary Clinton who described the move as “reckless”. Now, Zelaya says he will try to cross the border again and is waiting in a camp only 25 km from the border accompanied by Nicolás Maduro, Venezuelan Foreign Minister.

The latest events in Guatemala and Honduras are reducing the credibility of democracy. Is the candidate chosen by the people the one who should govern? Which are the true interests of the ones in power?

to be continued.....

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