Reforms in Ukraine: Lessons learned

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Mån 22.5.2017 kl. 10:00-11:30
The Auditorium of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs
Ankkurikatu 5, 4th floor, Helsinki

In 2014 Ukraine launched a set of ambitious and potentially far-reaching political, economic and security reforms at the backdrop of weak statehood, dominance of corrupt elites and the conflict in the East. Three
years since, the results are mixed, and though Ukraine made notable progress in a number of areas, main political and economic challenges are still to be resolved. This seminar analyses the progress achieved,
and in particular discusses key factors behind Ukraine’s main achievements and failures. What are the main lessons that can be learned from the path of the Ukraine’s reforms and what is the current reform


Mustafa Nayyem, Member of the Parliament, Ukraine

Tymofiy Mylovanov, Honorary President, Kyiv School of Economics

Comments: Laura Solanko, Senior Advisor, the Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition

Chair: Arkady Moshes, Programme Director, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs

Further information: Sannamari Bagge, tel. +358 9 432 7711,