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Briefing Paper November 2016 The Future of US-Europe Relations: Institutional constraints and public opinion may render changes smaller than expected
Charly Salonius-Pasternak
Briefing Paper Maj 2013 Maritime Security in a multipolar world: Towards an EU Strategy for the Maritime Commons
Timo Behr, Mika Aaltola & Erik Brattberg
Rapporten Mars 2012 Global networks of mediation: Prospects and avenues for Finland as a peacemaker
Touko Piiparinen & Ville Brummer (eds.)
Rapporten September 2011 Russia-China relations: Current state, alternative futures, and implications for the West
Arkady Moshes & Matti Nojonen (eds.)
Working Paper Juni 2011 Securing global commons: A small state perspective
Mika Aaltola, Joonas Sipilä, Valtteri Vuorisalo
Rapporten April 2010 Nuclear-free security: Refocusing nuclear disarmament and the review of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
Tarja Cronberg