Center on US Politics and Power Summer Session: Nordic-Baltic Security in Changing US Geostrategy

Ulkopoliittisen instituutin Yhdysvaltojen politiikan ja vallan tutkimuskeskus järjestää kesällä tutkimuskoulun Pohjoismaiden ja Baltian turvallisuuteen sekä Yhdysvaltojen muuttuvaan geostrategiaan liittyen Helsingissä ja Tallinnassa 27.–30.8.2014. Kesäkoulun tarkoituksena on tarjota tutkijoille ja väitöskirjantekijöille alusta keskustella tutkimuksestaan sekä tavata ja verkostoitua muiden Yhdysvaltojen politiikan parissa työskentelevien kollegoidensa kanssa.
The Center for US Politics and Power at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs will organize a summer research session on Nordic-Baltic Security and Changing US Geostrategy in Helsinki and Tallinn on August 27-30, 2014. The purpose of the summer session is to provide a platform for the researchers and doctoral students to discuss their research as well as to make acquaintance and network with other researchers working on US politics and related topics.

The summer session will concentrate on “Nordic-Baltic Security and Changing US Geostrategy”. The program will include presentations given by senior researchers on a wide range of topics related to Nordic-Baltic security and changing US Geostrategy, and workshop presentations. The speakers include Magnus Nordenman (Deputy Director of the Brent Scowcroft Center at the Atlantic Council), Professor Dan Hamilton, Johns Hopkins University, Robert Nurick, Visiting Senior Fellow, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs and Programme Director Mika Aaltola, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. The rest of the program will consist of US-related social activities including visits to relevant organizations in Helsinki and a one-day visit to Tallinn.

Proposals for both empirical and theoretical papers addressing, for example, US foreign and domestic policy, Nordic-Baltic security, the US global role and its relationship to the rising powers, transatlantic relations, US relations to Finland and other Nordic countries are welcomed.

To apply: The applicant should submit an abstract (max. 300 words) no later than June 6, 2014 including the following information: the title of the paper as well as the affiliation and email address of the author. The abstracts should be submitted to coordinator Olli Hulkko The participants will be informed of their acceptance to the Summer Session no later than June 20, 2014. The tuition fee for the summer session is 100 euros and it should be paid in advance when registering for the summer session. Coffees, lunches, accommodation and the day trip to Tallinn will be covered by the organizers. Some travel grants are available to be applied for by the participants no later than June 6, 2014. Please contact the organizers if you are planning to apply for a travel grant.

The Center for US Politics and Power aims to provide research and expertise on US foreign and domestic policy, transatlantic relations and the US role in global politics and economy. The Center carries out its functions by conducting research and publishing to various audiences as well as by organizing seminars and conferences.

For more information about the summer session, please contact:

Senior Research Fellow Anna Kronlund,+358 9 4327742