Civil Preparedness in the Age of Hybrid Threats

invitation only · The Finnish Institute of International Affairs · 05.02.2016 09:00 - 10:30
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invitation only

The European strategic security environment has changed after the crisis in Ukraine with the introduction of the so-called hybrid warfare and hybrid threats, representing a mix of conventional and new tactics. Responding adequately to these requires a comprehensive whole-of-society approach. This has reemphasized the importance of security of supply, resilience planning and civil preparedness for the security of modern European societies. In this regard, NATO is willing to deepen cooperation with Finland and Sweden to address shared civil preparedness and resilience challenges in a changed security environment. What should modern civil emergency and resilience planning look like in order to effectively respond to these threats? What could NATO gain from Finland and what can we learn from NATO?
Lorenz Meyer-Minnemann, Head, Civil Preparedness Section, Operations Division, NATO International Staff
Lieutenant General Arto Räty, former Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Defence, former Chairman of the Security Committee
Dr Mika Aaltola, Programme Director, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs


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