Conference on Managing Global Insecurity

invitation only · · 12.05.2008 00:00 - 13.05.2008 00:00
  • invitation only

invitation only

On 12-13 May 2008, FIIA hosted a closed roundtable seminar to discuss the reform of the multilateral security system to address today’s global threats. The seminar consisted of panel sessions on the following topics:

1. The Future of Multilateral Cooperation: Presentation of MGI Project Recommendations;

2. Multilateral Approaches to Conflict Management;

3. International Cooperation to Address Global Climate Change and Energy Security;

4. Recommendations for National Governments and International Organizations on a Rule-Based International Order.

Participants came mainly from Finland, Nordic countries, the Baltic Sea Region, USA and Russia. The roundtable seminar was held in cooperation with the Managing Global Insecurity (MGI) Project, which is a joint initiative between the Brookings Institution, Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation and New York University’s Center on International Cooperation. The MGI Project is partly funded by the Foreign Ministry of Finland.