Between an axis of convenience and a return to the past
New Eastern Europe

Senior Research Fellow Marcin Kaczmarski has written a book review entitled “Between an axis of convenience and a return to the past”. The review focuses on the following two books:  A Wary Embrace: What the China-Russia relationship means for the world. (By: Bobo Lo. /Published jointly by: Penguin Books / Lowy Institute, London/Sydney, 2017.) and Russia and China: A Political Marriage of Convenience – Stable and Successful. (By: Michal Lubina. Publisher: Barbara Budrich Publishers, Leverkusen Germany, 2017.). The book review has been published by New Eastern Europe (3-4, 2018).

Link to the review
Marcin Kaczmarski
Senior Research Fellow - The EU's Eastern Neighbourhood and Russia research programme