The appointment will be made until the end of December 2010 due to the current programme period of 2008 – 2010.

successful candidate will have in-depth knowledge on the EU’s financial
and economic policies as well as the international financial and
economic system and its actors. In particular we value expertise on the
changing relationship between the EU and other actors as well as on
solutions to the current economic crisis.  

The applicant must
hold a doctorate or master’s degree and must, though previous academic
and public activities, have demonstrated his/her competence. The FIIA
accepts educational qualifications and relevant working experience
acquired in Finland or abroad. In addition, excellent language and
teamwork skills are highly valued.  

Application should be
written in English and include a CV as well as a research plan of
maximum 2 pages on the research undertaken during the appointment
period. The application documents should be sent to the FIIA either by
mail (The Finnish Institute of International Affairs, P.O. Box 400,
00161 Helsinki, Finland) or via email (
The application must reach us by 12 March 2010 at 4:15 PM local time.
Late applications will not be considered. The application documents
will not be returned.
For further information please contact Director Teija Tiilikainen ( or Programme Director Juha Jokela ( To find out more about the Institute please visit our website at