Tulevaisuuden maailmanjärjestys -teema Tiedekulmassa

Future world order, 16 September – 15 November 2013    

Think Corner will kick off the autumn with a multidisciplinary and easily understandable take on the rise and increasing impact of the developing economies. The first theme will deal with the changing global order and power structures, as emerging superpowers challenge the traditional hegemonies and the globe faces increasingly serious challenges. The focus will be on general trends in world politics and the economy, as well as in the emergence of China, India and Brazil, their social development and impact in the global operating environment.

The theme will be divided into the following sections:

  • Where is the world heading? (16–27 September)
  • China (30 September–11 October)
  • India (14–25 October)
  • Brazil (28 October–8 November)
  • What next? (11–15 November)

Think Corner partnered with the Finnish Institute of International Affairs and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to carry out a series of events on the future world order. Several FIIA researchers will take part in the events.

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