Winston Churchill famously claimed that Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Can one make sense of Russia? And can Finnish researchers offer special expertise when it comes to Russia? These questions are explored in Russia Lost or Found? Patterns and Trajectories – a book published by Edita and edited by Hiski Haukkala and Sinikukka Saari. The book is based on a high level seminar organised by the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, Aleksanteri Institute and Edita in June 2009.

Contents of the book:

Russia Lost or Found: Patterns and Trajectories
Edited by Hiski Haukkala & Sinikukka Saari


Alexander Stubb, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Hiski Haukkala & Sinikukka Saari

Finnish Research on Russia: Old Constraints and New Opportunities
Raimo Väyrynen

Past and Present in Russian Foreign Policy
Robert Legvold

Shadow of the Past – the Impact of Tsarist and Communist Legacies on Russia’s Domestic and Foreign Policies
Timo Vihavainen

Russia 2004-2009: A Regional Power Challenged
Arkady Moshes

Russian Societal Development: Challenges Open
Markku Kivinen

Institutions Matter
Soili Nysten-Haarala

The Kremlin’s Double Monopoly
Alexander Etkind