The Parliament has on 7 July, 2022 appointed René Nyberg as a member to the Board of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. René Nyberg is ambassador and replaces professor Mikael Mattlin as the representative of the Foundation for Foreign Policy Research.

The current Board members for the period 1 January 2020 – 31 December 2024 are

Kai Sauer (Chair), Under-Secretary of State (foreign and security policy), Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Anu Kantola (Vice Chair), Professor, University of Helsinki
Risto Heiskala, Professor and Director of the Institute for Advanced Social Research, University of Tampere
Paula Vanninen, Professor, University of Helsinki
Lauri Voionmaa, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister, EU Affairs Department, Prime Minister’s Office
René Nyberg, ambassador
Ville Kaunisto, Member of the Parliament
Kimmo Kiljunen, Member of the Parliament
Sakari Puisto, Member of the Parliament