Eilen – Archive and Chronology of Finnish Foreign Policy has been launched on 1 March 2012. The online archive, which is maintained by the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, is available at www.eilen.fi.


Until the beginning of this millennium, the Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs (Ulkopolitiikka-lehti) published a chronology of Finnish foreign policy and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland collected foreign policy speeches and documents for an annual publication.


The FIIA has decided to resurrect these in a form of an online archive which will, in its initial stage, consist of a chronology of Finnish foreign policy and speeches of key foreign policy actors.


Eilen Archive is part of the FIIA’s Finnish Foreign Policy project which seeks to support research on the topic. In addition to the archive, the project entails research seminars on Finnish foreign policy and a publication series called Finnish Foreign Policy Papers.


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