Suomen rauhantutkimusyhdistys ry

Senior Research Fellows at the Institute Anna Kronlund and Charly Salonius-Pasternak edited the latest issue of the Kosmopolis journal. Kosmopolis journal focuses on peace, conflict and world politics. The latest issue’s (2/2015, published on June 6th) theme was the United Sates’ politics in a global context – power, structure and dynamics. Kronlund and Salonius-Pasternak wrote the editorial. Anna Kronlund wrote also a book review about Ari Helo’s book called “Yhdysvaltain demokratian synty. Unionin idea ja amerikkalainen historiakäsitys”. Research Assistant at the Institute Anna Wikholm’s book review was also published and it was about two books that focus on the South China Sea situation and the U.S.-China relations.