Egypt: Pharaonic Politics Redux?
Al-Jazeera Center for Studies

Al-Jazeera Center for Studies published on 16.2.2016 Wolfgang Mühlberger’s report: Egypt: Pharaonic Politics Redux?

Abstract of the report:
Five years after the ouster of dictator Hosni Mubarak and three years into the overthrow of his elected successor, Mohammed Mursi, it is time to ask what became of the two major slogans, chanted across Tahrir and many other places throughout Egypt in early 2011. The first rallying cry demanded the abolition of “the system” (Isqât an-nidhâm); the second called for “bread, freedom, justice and dignity”. Will the new parliament, which is still in a state of flux, heed these popular demands? Or is the National Assembly set on a trajectory of return to one-party rule?