US Elections Untangled – EP 7: The Paradox of the Transatlantic Relationship (with Matti Pesu)

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Is the American democracy itself at stake in the 2020 elections? Will foreign powers try to interfere with the elections again? What is the significance of these elections to climate change, NATO or the American relationship with Russia, China and Iran?

FIIA Podcast US Elections Untangled dives deep into the big questions surrounding the 2020 elections. Drawing on the expertise of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA), the series looks mainly at the international relations implications of the elections.

The series is hosted by Visiting Research Fellow Maria Annala from The Center on US Politics and Power (CUSPP) at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs who is an expert in present day American politics. Joining her in the studio will be a wide array of international relations experts from FIIA. This podcast was made possible in part through support provided by the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation.

US Elections Untangled – EP 7: The Paradox of the Transatlantic Relationship (with Matti Pesu)

The presidency of Donald Trump has threatened the transatlantic alliance unlike any other presidency since World War II. Trump’s rhetoric towards NATO allies has been very harsh, but the reality behind his words has in fact been quite different.

“The Trump administration’s approach to European security has been a traditional hard line Republican view: that Russia is a threat, defense matters and Europeans should be supported,” says Senior Research Fellow Matti Pesu from the Finnish Institute of International Affairs.

The situation “has been quite paradoxical: politically the Commander-in-Chief keeps undermining the political alliance but militarily and on the administrative level things are happening and even improving.”

Many would like to believe that a Biden victory in November could restore the relationship overnight. However, Pesu is skeptical.

“Even if Biden won, I still wouldn’t expect rosy years ahead.”

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