4th Annual Helsinki Summer Session Decline of Liberal Rule-Based World Order?

Endast inbjudna · Kämp Hotel. Kluuvikatu 2, Helsinki · 30.08.2017 08:30 - 10:30

Endast inbjudna

The developing foreign policy agenda of the Trump presidency has produced intensified fears regarding the sustainability of the liberal rule-based world order. In particular, the new administration seems to question core pillars of this grand bargain, including the value of multilateral institutions, the principle of free trade, and the promotion of democracy and human rights. Further doubts regarding the staying power of the order have been fueled by predictions of an impending global power shift towards a multipolar world, wherein diverse stakeholders yearn for a voice to set the norms and institutional parameters of the 21st century. In light of these developments, the panel will explore: What are the prospects for American leadership of the liberal rule-based order during the Trump era? What role can Europe play in sustaining the order? What kinds of global and regional challenges would an erosion of the liberal rule-based order bring to the fore?


Opening remarks

Bart Gaens

Project Director, the Center on US Politics and Power; Senior Research Fellow, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs

The video recording of the presentation


James Traub

Columnist, Foreign Policy

James Traub / Photo: Greg Martin

The video recording of the presentation


Jan Techau

Jan Techau

Director, the American Academy in Berlin’s Richard C. Holbrooke Forum for the Study of Diplomacy and Governance

Jan Techau / Photo: Annette Hornischer

The video recording of the presentation

Nicolas Tenzer

Nicolas Tenzer

Chairman, Centre d’étude et de réflexion pour l’action politique (CERAP)

Nicolas Tenzer / Photo: Matias Salo

The video recording of the presentation


Minna Holopainen

Q & A

Minna Holopainen / Photo: Martti Kainulainen