EFPO: The EU's Role in the Eastern Neighbourhood

Endast inbjudna · The Finnish Institute of International Affairs · 15.02.2012 09:00 - 11:00

Endast inbjudna

Energy security is one of the EU’s top concerns in the Eastern neighbourhood and a priority of the Eastern Partnership policy. How can the EU enhance its energy security through closer cooperation with the Eastern neighbours, including Ukraine, Belarus and the countries of South Caucasus? What is the potential for norms transfer, liberalization of the neighbours’ energy markets and establishment of common regulatory structures? What are the prospects of diversification of supply via new pipeline projects? To what extent do the interests of the EU and the neighbours meet in the energy sphere?

Speakers: Dr Kirsten Westphal, Senior Associate, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Berlin

Dr Katja Yafimava, Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES)

Chair: Dr Pekka Sutela, Non-resident Senior Associate at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington DC


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