EU Member States and Russia: National and European Debates in an Evolving International Environment

Endast inbjudna · In the Auditorium of the Annex Building of the Parliament, Arkadiankatu 3, Helsinki · 15.03.2018 13:30 - 15:30

Endast inbjudna

The Ukraine and Syrian crises, different views concerning the future of the post-Soviet space and allegations of electoral interference have had a profound impact on EU-Russia relations. At the same time, for the EU Russia has remained an important interlocutor in the resolution of international crises, from Iran to North Korea, and a key energy provider. From an EU perspective, this situation is compounded by a growing number of challenges – the refugee crisis, Brexit, terrorism, instability in North Africa and the weakening of the transatlantic partnership – which also influence relations with Moscow. The seminar examines how the evolving international scenario affects relations between the EU, its member states and Russia. How have EU-level and national debates on Russia developed? What are the prospects for a common European policy towards Moscow? Is the EU-Russia relationship set on a long-term confrontational path, or is there room for cooperation and a rapprochement?

The seminar marks the publication of the FIIA report “EU member states and Russia: National and European debates in an evolving international environment”


Opening Words and Chair

Juha Jokela

Programme Director, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs

John Bogaerts

Deputy Head of the Russia Division, European External Action Service

Marco Siddi

Senior Research Fellow, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs

Derek Averre

Professor, University of Birmingham

Sinikukka Saari

Senior Expert, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland