FIIA Day: Saving the Liberal World Order Is the EU Prepared for the Task?

Endast inbjudna · Auditorium of the Annex Building of the Parliament, Arkadiankatu 3, Helsinki · 05.03.2018 14:00 - 16:00

Endast inbjudna

The liberal world order is under increasing pressure. It is not only challenged by the emerging powers with their different societal values and highly state-centric approach to international politics. The challenges originate equally in the sharp polarization of Western societies, manifest in disagreements over the merits of globalization and internationalization. With the US under Donald Trump’s presidency taking a more hesitant stance towards the values underpinning the liberal order, the EU’s responsibility for nurturing the common Western political heritage is growing. Is the EU prepared for this task and capable of assuming such leadership? What does it require from the Union in terms of new strategic approaches and partnerships? What has to be done to convince the world of the EU’s credibility and resolve to protect its own founding values globally?


Opening Words

Teija Tiilikainen

Director, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs
FIIA DAY 2018 - Teija Tiilikainen

Opening Statement

Kare Halonen

State Secretary, EU Affairs, Prime Minister’s Office
FIIA DAY 2018 - Kare Halonen

Keynote Speaker

Matti Anttonen

Permanent Secretary, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
FIIA DAY 2018 - Matti Anttonen

Keynote Speaker

Jukka Snell

Professor of European Law, University of Turku
FIIA DAY 2018 - Jukka Snell


Arkady Moshes


Arkady Moshes

Programme Director, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs
FIIA DAY 2018 - Arkady Moshes
Tuuli Koivu


Tuuli Koivu

Eurozone and China Economist, Nordea
FIIA DAY 2018 - Tuuli Koivu


Teija Tiilikainen

Direktör; chefredaktör, tidskiften Ulkopolitiikka

Europeisk integration, idéhistoria, politiska institutioner samt gemensam utrikes- och försvarspolitik; Finlands utrikes- och försvarspolitik.

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