Global Democracy and Human Rights Promotion

Endast inbjudna · at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs · 19.01.2007 00:00 - 00:00
  • Endast inbjudna

Endast inbjudna

Global Democracy and Human Rights Promotion – Laying out the Controversies and Challenges of Ethical Foreign Policy

on Friday 19 January 2007. The seminar brings together a group of leading experts in the field, including academics as well as practitioners. The seminar is a brainstorming event that examines key issues on the European agenda of democracy and human rights promotion and lays ground for future cooperation among the participants.

The participants include, among others:

Sarah Medelson (Center for Strategic and International Studies)
Michael McFaul (Stanford University)
Andrew Wilson (School of Slavonic and East-European Studies)
Jibrin Ibrahim (Centre for Democracy and Development)
Rolf Timans (European Commission)
Michael Emerson (Centre for European Policy)
Jan Zielonka (Oxford University)