Russian Critical Infrastructures: Vulnerabilities and policies

Endast inbjudna · the Finnish Institute of International Affairs · 18.12.2012 14:00 - 16:00

Endast inbjudna

The Russian policies on critical infrastructure protection (CIP) are evolving against a background composed of an uneasy combination of factors: the degeneration of infrastructures critical for the country’s economic and social development, and the de-legitimization of political institutions responsible for protecting population and territory. At the same time, Russia is faced with a similar challenge as any other country: namely, previously un-anticipated interdependencies between technologies, society and nature. How do Russia’s policies on critical infrastructures reflect on these factors? What makes Russia’s ‘hybrid regime’ particularly vulnerable to emergencies such as forest fires in 2010? And finally, how do Russia’s policies fare in the Arctic taking into account multiple challenges in the region?


The event marks the launch of the FIIA Report ”Russian critical infrastructures: vulnerabilities and policies” by Dr Katri Pynnöniemi (ed.), a work that was funded by the Scientific Advisory Board for Defence (MATINE).

Dr Katri Pynnöniemi, Researcher, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs
Prof Dr Irina Busygina, Moscow State Institute of International Relations
Dr Tero Mustonen, Snowchange Cooperative / University of Eastern Finland – Joensuu

Dr Christer Pursiainen*, Senior Scientist, European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre
Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen, Italy


Dr Arkady Moshes, Programme Director, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs

*)Dr Pursiainen does not represent his employer in the event and the views expressed by him may not in any circumstances be regarded as stating an official position of the European Commission.




presentation_kp_18_12_poist Katri Pynnöniemi - Critical infrastructure protection: an evolution of Russian policy (right click "save as" to save on computer)
Irina Busygina - Threats to Critical Infrastructure and State Responses: The Case of the 2010 Forest Fires in Russia (right click "save as" to save on computer)