South Asia and the Dilemmas of Nuclear Non-Proliferation

Kansalaisinfo Auditorium (Pikkuparlamentti) · 06.05.2011 10:00 - 12:00

The efforts by the international community to promote nuclear non-proliferation in South Asia are constantly under pressure, challenged by the historical enmity between India and Pakistan, the enduring conflict in Kashmir and the uncertain domestic situation in Pakistan. Persuading the two countries to gradually reduce and ultimately eliminate their nuclear arsenals seems to be increasingly more difficult. Do nuclear weapons still act as effective deterrents? Or do they increase the likelihood of nuclear accidents, proliferation into the hands of terrorists and, in general, induce nuclear re-armament in the region? The seminar will also assess some of the wider developments affecting the South Asia region: the threat of further proliferation, spreading civilian nuclear programs, illicit transfers of nuclear material and expertise, as well as the possible impacts of Japan’s nuclear accident.   
Dr. Ram R. Subramanian, Visiting professor CIPOD
Dr Tarja Cronberg, Chair of the Peace Union of Finland; former Minister of Labour
Dr. Raimo Väyrynen, Professor Emeritus
Chair: Mika Aaltola, Programme Director Finnish Institute of International Affairs
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