State responsibility in the international legal order: A critical appraisal by Katja Creutz

Endast inbjudna · Webinar · 09.12.2020 14:00 - 15:15

Endast inbjudna

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The law of state responsibility regulates the legal consequences following breaches of international law. This body of law is considered to form one of the cornerstones of international law. Its unique position has nonetheless been challenged by several developments both within and outside the international legal order, such as the rise of alternative responsibility ideas and practices, as well as globalization and its consequences.

The book published by Cambridge University Press adopts a critical and holistic approach to the law of state responsibility and analyses the functionality of the general rules of state responsibility in a changed international landscape. It is argued that state responsibility is not equally relevant across the broad spectrum of international obligations, and that alternative constructions of responsibility, namely international criminal law and international liability, have increased in standing.  

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Opening remarks, chair

Mika Aaltola

Director, FIIA

Mika Aaltola is the Director of FIIA. Dr Aaltola is also a professor of International Relations at Tallinn University, Estonia, and holds the rank of docent at Tampere University. He has been a visiting fellow at Cambridge University, Sciences Po (CERI), and Johns Hopkins as well as a visiting professor at the University of Minnesota. His areas of expertise include the US global role, dynamics of power politics, and Finnish foreign policy. His latest published monograph is Democratic Vulnerability and Autocratic Meddling - The “Thucydidean Brink” in Regressive Geopolitical Competition (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2021).

Author’s introduction

Katja Creutz

Leading Researcher, FIIA

Katja Creutz is Leading Researcher in FIIA’s Global Security programme. Her main field of expertise is international law and especially issues of responsibility, human rights and global governance. Dr Creutz holds a Doctor of Laws degree and a Master of Laws programme degree from the University of Helsinki and a Master of Political Science from Åbo Akademi University. She has previously worked as Research Fellow at the Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights of the University of Helsinki. She is the author of the book State Responsibility in International Law: A Critical Appraisal published by Cambridge University Press.


Martti Koskenniemi

Professor, The Erik Castrén Institute, University of Helsinki

Martti Koskenniemi is Professor of International Law at the University of Helsinki and Director of the Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights. He was a member of the Finnish diplomatic service in 1978–1994 and of the International Law Commission (UN) in 2002–2006. He has been a Visiting Global Professor of Law at New York University since 1997 and has held other visiting professorships at many leading universities. He is also member of the Institut de droit international. His main publications include From Apology to Utopia; The Structure of International Legal Argument (1989/2005), The Gentle Civilizer of Nations: The Rise and Fall of International Law 1870-1960 (2001) and The Politics of International Law (2011). His history of international legal thought, To the Uttermost Parts of the Earth: Legal Imagination and International Power 1300-1870, will be published in 2021.


Tarja Långström

Deputy Director, Legal Service of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Tarja Långström serves as the Deputy Director of the Legal Service, Unit for Public International Law at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Previously she held the position of Legal Adviser at the Permanent Representation of Finland to the European Union (2011-2015). Her earlier assignments within the Ministry include postings in Bern and New York. She holds a Doctor’s degree in Law from the University of Helsinki (2002) and a Master of Laws from Fordham Law School, New York (2001).