Blue China: Implications for Europe of China's Maritime Silk Road

kutsutilaisuus · At the Seminar Hall Arkadiankatu 23, entrance H (inner courtyard), Helsinki · 25.04.2018 10:00 - 11:30


In November 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping launched the Maritime Silk Road (MSR) initiative during a state visit to Indonesia. The Maritime Silk Road is about geopolitics and influence, but Europeans should not overlook the importance of the ‘blue economy’ for China, nor should they dismiss the Maritime Silk Road as simply an exercise of public diplomacy. In fact, Chinese actions already affect European interests in areas such as maritime trade and shipbuilding, as well as through emerging growth niches in the blue economy, the global presence of the Chinese Navy and geopolitics and the global competition for influence. This seminar will address what China has already achieved and highlights the maritime areas where China is set to grow in importance in the next five years.


Mika Aaltola

Opening remarks

Mika Aaltola

Programme Director, Finnish Institute of International Affairs
Mathieu Duchâtel


Mathieu Duchâtel

Deputy Director, Senior Fellow, European Council on Foreign Relations
Marcin Kaczmarski


Marcin Kaczmarski

Senior Research Fellow, Finnish Institute of International Affairs


Bart Gaens

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