Public Opinion and the US-Russia Relationship

kutsutilaisuus · Seminar Hall, Arkadiankatu 23, entrance H (inner courtyard), Helsinki · 21.09.2018 10:00 - 11:30


Reciprocally negative public perceptions are often considered an important factor in explaining the dynamics in current US-Russia relations and impeding potential normalisation. The question, however, remains whether “anti-Americanism” and “Russophobia” in public attitudes are an established fact or simply a useful rhetorical cliché. This FIIA seminar will try to see what the sentiment on both sides actually is and what stands behind it. To what extent do the American and Russian public consider each other a threat? What are the respective views concerning interference in domestic affairs? The presentations will be based on research conducted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Levada Analytical Center.


Dina Smeltz

Dina Smeltz

Senior Fellow, Chicago Council on Global Affairs
Stepan Goncharov

Stepan Goncharov

Senior Research Fellow, Levada Center


Arkady Moshes

Ohjelmajohtaja - EU:n itäinen naapurusto ja Venäjä -tutkimusohjelma