The Next Challenge for the EU? Italy's Politics and Economy

kutsutilaisuus · Auditorium of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs · 28.11.2016 13:00 - 15:00


On the eve of an important referendum on the country’s future institutional structure, Italy is mired in economic stagnation, high unemployment and austerity policies. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s requests for budget flexibility in Brussels have led to clashes with the European institutions and other EU leaders, but have not substantially altered Italy’s economic policy and woes. This has weakened his domestic popularity and emboldened political competitors, most notably the Five Star Movement. How does Italy’s political and economic situation relate to broader European politics? How have post-2008 economic developments impacted on Italian society, and are there any Italian proposals to reform EU-level economic policies? What are the possible scenarios for Italian politics after the constitutional referendum, and in view of the next parliamentary elections?
Opening remarks: Teija Tiilikainen, Director, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs
Speakers: Simona Piattoni, Professor, University of Trento
Lorenzo Codogno, Visiting Professor, London School of Economics, former chief economist of the Italian Treasury
Comments: Janne Taalas, Ambassador of Finland to Italy
Chair: Marco Siddi, Senior Research Fellow, the Finnish Institute of International Affairs
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Lorenzo Codogno
Simona Piattoni
Janne Taalas